Document Management

The cost of physical storage has eclipsed that of electronic storage. It was at this point that document imaging became a practical consideration for information-laden organizations.

Significant savings and increases in the usefulness of information can be gained through document imaging. This is particularly true when paper documents must be stored off-site, taking the information away from those who need it. LaDorn Systems Corporation has been designing leading-edge solutions since 1983. Our focus, since the beginning, has been to provide immediate access to one of the most valuable assets to any business – documents.

Web-based Solutions

LaDorn Systems Corporation can design a secure, web-based document management solution to provide access to all of your organizations documents, regardless of the source.  We specialize in backfile conversions to imaging workflow systems,  allowing our clients a faster return on their technology investment.  LaDorn will scan your files, and convert paper documents into user-friendly,  touch-of-a-key, automated accessibility.  


  •  Document Scanning
  • Internet Retrieval
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Computer Output to Microfiche
  • FTP Services
  • Data Warehousing
  • Disaster Recovery Systems
  • Document Preparation
  • Desktop Document Retrieval
  • Search Across Years of Files
  • User Friendly Screens
  • Keyword and Full-text Search
  • Printing on Demand
  • e-Mail or Fax Documents
  • Output to TIFF, JPEG, GIF
  • PDF Conversion
  • OCR to 99.5% accuracy
  • Image Cleanup and Enhancement